The Rwanda People’s Party letter of congratulations to the British Conservative Party on their election victory

The Rt Hon David Cameron MP
Prime Minister, of the UK
10 Downing Street

Dear Mr. Cameron,  

Both personally and on behalf of my party, the Rwanda People’s Party, I would like to express my most sincere congratulations upon your re-election as Prime Minister of the United Kingdom and also to congratulate the Conservative Party on becoming the largest party in Westminster. It is my hope that your second term in office will provide an opportunity to strengthen the Rwandan-UK friendship. The destiny of our two peoples and countries has been intimately connected since the 1994 Genocide in our homeland. On my own behalf, my party and the Rwandan people, I would like to thank the British government and the British nation, and in particular, your government for the continued support given to my people.

It is in a spirit of dialogue, mutual esteem and respect that we must continue to expand our cooperation, in order to meet serious global challenges. We should cooperate in the common battle against poverty, unemployment, sexual and racial discrimination, global terrorism, genocide and genocidal ideologies. Our resolute commitment for the right of every child to have an education , the right for Homosexual and Lesbian couples to marry and adopt children, the right to abortion and the protection of the environment as well as our joint struggle to promote freedom and democracy in Rwanda and in the wider world. 

Today, our neigbhours’ in Burundi are faced with a grim and catastrophic time bomb, waiting to engulf the entire region as of result violations of the Arusha Agreement and the Constitutional Coup D'état by Mr Nkuriziza and his party which have revived the chilling memories of the 1993-2005  Burundian ethnic civil war in which over 300,000 where killed. Mr. Prime Minister, allow me to inform you that, a conflict in Burundi is already in progress as protesters have been summarily executed and people are burned to death on the streets and in the villages by Nkurunziza, and his notorious police forces who are supported by a mob of  50,000 thugs, these are the well armed and secretive Imbonakure militias, similar to the Rwandan Interahamwe militias and Ex-Far responsible for the 1994 genocide in which 1 million Rwanda Tutsi were killed in just 100 days. Latest reports indicate that forces loyal to the President are going from house to house throwing grenades inside and killing people. This has occurred at Nyakabiga and was carried out by the Imbonakure militias and police headed by the one called Kazungu.

In Burundi, the slaughtering of innocent civilians is taking its cause, without any foreign intervention, thousands of  Burundian civil rights activists and politicians are in hiding, others are already incarcerated in detention centers, latrines and in prisons. The various media outlets such as radio and social media platforms (whatsApp, fb, twitter etc) were cut off to prevent the international community knowing what is going on inside Burundi. Thousands of thousands of Burundian are fleeing their country for safety at the rate of 7,000 refugees per day, streaming into Rwandan and Tanzania alone. It is also understood that, the Nkurunziza government, is officially, using the infamous ethnic hatred card and threatening genocide against Tutsis in his country, should Nkurunziza be prevented from standing for an unconstitutional third term.  

Mr. Prime Minister, allow me to inform you that the voiceless people of Burundi, are counting on the British government and in particular to your strong leadership to rally the international community, to the save lives of the people of Burundi. Their frightened eyes and their hopes for their survival depend on how your government and the international community can react, in unison, and with one voice, to respond firmly to Nkurunziza’s, manmade human catastrophe that is darkening Burundi today . Mr. Prime Minister, there is no doubt, the grim uncertain that is blanketing Burundi today, can be averted if the international community acted quickly, responsibly and decisively to respond to the weeping and pleas of the Burundian people, before it turns into another Rwanda.

In the DRC, the Ex-Far and Interahamwe responsible for the 1994 genocide against Tutsi in Rwanda are still operating and are still killing and raping women in the East of that country. The Eastern part of the DRC is still the theater of operations for more than 35 different armed groups who roam the region with impunity. This region, still volatile and breeding group for new conflicts as day-by-day, the government of DRC has virtually lost the eastern part of the country and it has failed to impose law and order on that region following the M23 rebels’ defeat. The reasons that led the M23 rebels to take up arms in the first place instead of diminishing are multiplying day-by-day. Illegal mining or smuggling and the raping of women and children, the killing and kidnapping of NGOs and ‘Blue Helmets’ (U.N.) peacekeepers has increased many folds. This puts the entire region of the Great Lakes region in an extreme degree of uncertain and on the verge of anarchy. The RPP calls upon the international community, to address these issues urgently.

Mr. Prime Minister, my party is concerned that Somali refugees and IDP are facing famine, and disease in camps. I call upon your government to lead a campaign by the international community to end the suffering of Somali refugees by providing necessary food, education, and healthcare and also arrange for resettlement of these people back to normal life.  It is also important, to encourage dialogue among Somalis and we believe, that reaching out to those opposing the government in Mogadishu, will help in fostering a durable and lasting peace in Somalia based on Somali solutions rather than externally imposed ones.

As for my country Rwanda, without our close partnership, we will never be able to find satisfactory answers to the many challenges that my people are facing today and tomorrow. This is why my party, the Rwanda People’s Party is appealing for your support and urging you and your government to play an essential role in this endeavour.

My party shares the same ambition with the United Kingdom, that of guaranteeing peace, security and prosperity. In a spirit of solidarity, for all the innocent, the defenseless and the downtrodden, I am convinced that together we can make a difference to our people and throughout the world.

Your party’s re-election campaign was vigorous, inspiring and charismatic; full of hope for a future that touched the heart of men and women of different classes.  Your tireless efforts to fulfill one of the Conservative Party’s pledges to fix “Broken Britain” since your first election win have inspired many. You have also sought to safe guard Great Britain, improve the economy, create jobs, and improve access to housing for the British people, especially the first home buyers, some five years ago, when you were first elected to the helm of Britain’s Highest Office. Your re-election testifies to the British people’s confidence in your leadership and an appreciation of your struggle for a better world for all. There is no doubt, that under your guidance the British people for a further five years will enjoy more stability and prosperity.  
On behalf of myself and my party, the Rwanda People’s Party, I would like to congratulate the British Royal Family on the birth of the fourth in line to the British Crown, the Princess of Cambridge Charlotte Elizabeth Diana. I take this opportunity, to welcome her into the world and I wish her and her family well.

I am conveying to you my best wishes and my assurances of mine and my party’s highest consideration.
Sincerely yours. 

John V Karuranga, President
Rwanda People’s Party
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