A letter wishing President Kikwete of Tanzania a speedy recovery after his surgery.

Last Sunday (09/11/14) the world was informed that the Tanzanian President Jakaya Mrisho Kikwete, was in the United States receiving medical treatment. The Tanzanian Directorate of Presidential Communications issued a statement saying that the President, who is 64, had prostate surgery over the weekend. The statement announced that the operation was performed at the Johns Hopkins Hospital, Baltimore, Maryland. The surgery, which took some ninety minutes, was accomplished safely and successfully. The President’s doctors were pleased with his condition after the surgery, although he was still in a ward under medical supervision. The statement went on to say that the public will be kept informed of the President’s condition. 

President Kikwete is a neighbour, a friend and a strong advocate of regional cooperation. The Rwanda People’s Party strongly supports regional cooperation as it offers a way to secure social, political and economic emancipation for the region and its peoples. On my behalf and on behalf of my party, the Rwanda People’s Party and all Rwandans, I would like to wish President Kikwete a very speedy and full recovery. My party will, also join his family, friends as well as millions of Tanzanians in praying for the President. 
May God bless President Kikwete and the People of Tanzania. 

John V Karuranga, President
Rwanda People’s Party
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