We join the Rwandan people and friends of Rwanda to celebrate the 23rd Rwanda Martyrs and Heroes’ Day

Fellow Rwandan and friends of Rwanda, on the 2nd October, each year we remember the gallantry and patriotism of all Rwandan who committed their lives to our people’s liberty and welfare. Our martyrs and heroes fought a long battle. They confronted the injustice, oppression, abuse of power and discrimination that had been melted out on the Rwandan people for decades and they waged a steadfast campaign for freedom, equality and self-determination.
Today is the day on which we must renew our resolve to continue defending and protecting democratic rights and human dignity in Rwanda for which our martyrs and heroes laid their lives.
In honour of our martyrs and heroes, we do not simply make speeches. The Rwanda People’s Party believes that all Rwandan must work together to ensure that all the people of Rwanda are entitled to the full protection of their rights and freedoms, the greatest of which is the right to life, self-determination, equal rights and democracy.
The late Fred Gisa Rwigema and others died not only because of their own beliefs, but the beliefs they shared with millions of Rwandan of all walks of life who wanted to make Rwanda a better place for all Rwandan.

The Rwanda People’s Party believes that if our country is to continue to be a Rwanda for every Rwandan, all of us must believe in freedom of thought, freedom of expression and freedom of association; all these freedoms that were denied to our martyrs and heroes together with many millions of Rwandans that were incarcerated and lived in destitution . In order to achieve this we must all share a belief that our country must be cultural, spiritual and physical home for every Rwandan.
Fellow Rwandan, the late Fred Gisa Rwigema and his comrades’ sacrifices place a duty of care on our shoulders and it is upon us to carry on the work that they left behind. Undoubtedly, on my behalf and that of the Rwanda People’s Party (RPP), I am very pleased, that every year, on the 2nd of October Rwandan and friends of Rwanda gather together in Rwanda and in the Diaspora to continue to stand in honour of our martyrs and heroes to say that their sacrifices were worthwhile and not in vain.
Fellow Rwandan, today, both personally, and on behalf of the Rwanda People’s Party, I stand together and shoulder-to-shoulder in deed and action with millions of Rwandans at home, Rwandan in the Diaspora and friends of Rwanda in celebrating the 23rd Rwanda Martyrs and Heroes Days, and calling their names one-by-one as:
Commander Rwigema;Commander Rwigema;
Commander Waswa;
Commander Bayingana;
Commander Bunyenyezi;
Commander Bitamazire;
Commander Mucyo;
Commander Byaruhanga;
Commander Kayitare;
Commander Barinda;
Commander Muvunanyambo;
Commander Munyeneza;
Commander Magezi;
Commander Karakire;
Commander Musisi Gugaya;
Commander Nyirigira;
Commander Swerwadda;
Commander Ntaganda;
Commander Karangwa Senior;
Commander Karangwa Junior;
Commander Rugema;
Commander Mugisha;
Commander Bucyana;
Commander Kizza;
Commander Muhirwa;
Commander Kamiri;
Commander Mutimba;
Commander Kirundi;
Commander Mugunga Senior;
Commander Mugunga Junior;
Commander Karemera;
Commander Rubyogo;
Commander Rudasingwa;
Commander Kanamugire Leo;
Commander Kambanda;
Commander Muhumuza;
Commander Munyentwari;
Commander Sabena;
Commander Rukundo;
Commander Fred Mali Eganya;
Commander Kamali Fupi;
Commander Kalisti Sengoga;
Commander Edris Sengonga; and;
Together with men and women of all ranks; unknown soldiers who sacrificed their lives on our behalf, and those whose names shall never appear in the books and or plague of the Rwanda heroes’ history, yet they too were the cores of our freedom.

It is also on this auspicious occasion that the Rwanda People’s Party(RPP) wishes to recognise our modern-day heroes who have served, and continue to serve, our country with dedication and dignity; our peasants and famers who have continued to be the spectacularly proud and unique symbol of Rwandan cultural, spiritual and physical identity, that hug Rwanda as one nation and one people, our public servants who have heeded the call for good governance, our uniformed personnel, Rwandan in the Diaspora, the business community and friends of Rwanda. By fulfilling our civic duties and galvanising our endeavors towards the progress of our beloved Rwanda, we all become heroes.
Fellow Rwandans let us always honour our heroic forebears and peers through every act of building our nation together. May we always emulate their courage and vigilance in securing our freedoms, equal rights and national stability. Let us nurture the spirit of nationalism and patriotism in our hearts and work together to sustain the momentum of our revitalization.

John V Karuranga,
President Rwanda People's Party www.rwandapeopleparty.org
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