Heinous and cowardly terrorist grenade attack in Gitega

Both personally and on behalf our party, the Rwandan People’s Party/ Ishyaka Ry’Abaturage, I am extremely saddened to hear of the heinous and cowardly terrorist grenade attack of innocent Rwandan people in Gitega sector of Kigali’s Nyarugenge District, on 26th July 2013 at 18.50pm.
I would like to offer my condolences to the family and friends of the victim of this heinous crime. I wish all those injured in this barbaric attack a swift recovery.
The RPP strongly condemns these senseless attacks and persecution of the Rwandan population.

It is a tragic day for Rwanda as a nation and people.
As a party, we will continue to stand with the people of Rwanda in their fight against terror and violent extremism.
We are calling Rwandan to unite in condemning this brutal and savage attack and any form of extremism.
This is a horrific, unforgivable shocking attack of our people, the kind that should be purged from our society.

John V Karuranga, President
Rwanda People’s Party
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